2020 Winter Campaign (JP Server)

Winter Campaign Part1 (2020 JP Server) in War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Free multi summon, event shop, normal summon, UR guaranteed summon.
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Upcoming Unit/Vision Card Release Schedule
update 22/01/2020
Winter Campaign 2020

Duration (JP Server): 2020 Jan 15th 15:00 ~ Jan 22nd 14:59 (JST)

UR Unit・Vision Card Guaranteed Summon

UR unit guaranteed multi summon and UR vision card guaranteed multi summon can be rolled only once for each. They cost 2,000 premium (paid) gems.

Login Bonus

You can earn 2,500 Gems in total as login bonus.

Normal Summon

Normal summon can be rolled for free 3 times a day (5am~, 12pm~, and 7pm~). Get Awoken Prisms and fragments of units!

Free Multi Summon

You can do multi summon for free 1 time. 1 SSR or UR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Event Shop


ItemGilTrade Limit
Phantom Sphere of Starbow
Fragments of the Will of Rainbow
Story Skip Ticket
100,000Once a day

Item list

ItemGil/GemTrade Limit
Rainbow Material Pack (EXP Cube extremex20, Rainbow Fragmentsx1, Stabow Spherex1)2,000 Premium Gems3
Fire Awakening Material Pack I (Fire Fragmentsx10, Fire Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Water Awakening Material Pack I (Water Fragmentsx10, FWater Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Ice Awakening Material Pack I (Ice Fragmentsx10, Ice Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Wind Awakening Material Pack I (Wind Fragmentsx10, Wind Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Thunder Awakening Material Pack (Thunder Fragmentsx10, Thunder Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Earth Awakening Material Pack (Earth Fragmentsx10, Earth Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Light Awakening Material Pack (Light Fragmentsx10, Light Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Dark Awakening Material Pack I (Dark Fragmentsx10, Dark Awoken Prismx10)1,000 Gems5
Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx11,000,000 Gil1
Phantom Sphere of Starbowx11,000,000 Gil1
Phantom Sphere of Sapphirex1250,000 Gil1
Dime Memory・Citronx25125 Gems1
Dime Memory・Violetx25250,000 Gil1
Dime Memory・Azurex25125,000 GilOnce a day
Dime Memory・Jadex2525,000Once a day
EXP Cube extremex102,000 Gems10
EXP Cube largex10500 Gems10
EXP Cube midx1080,000 Gil10
EXP Cube smallx1020,000 Gil10
Grow Egg SRx10320,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Rx1080,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Nx1020,000 Gil10
Adamantite largex10128,000 Gil10
Adamantite midx1064,000 Gil10
Adamantite smallx1032,000 Gil10
Story Skip Ticketx10100,000Once a day


Result of the free multi summon!

Commens and feedback



Comments (updated every hour)

Naivety and age don't always match up. I took her character as a naive 18-20.
Snow 1
Gumi couldn't even translate the Break ability correctly. Sovereign Fist! Depressing main...
Resnick 10
Good info
At face value I'm not really liking her. So, few multi hit abilities. One use TMR isn't...
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