How to remove member from guild without using ban

There's an answer a few pages back that says "Enter your Guild, find Menu button, click the button, click Guild Management.", but it might be outdated advice as there is no such option currently.

There is "Manage Members", but the only obvious option is Ban. Any way to gently remove/kick them?

26days ago


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11days ago
I recommend banning them to remove them from the Guild, then unbanning them to allow them to return. Just don't ask me where the option to do that is
15days ago
OP here. Thank you for your advices!
19days ago
Sub-Leaders cannot kick people out of the Guild
20days ago
I have been banned from my old guild, but I can enter it again. So no problem there, people you banned can comeback to your guild. You can test this using another device/account.
20days ago
Thanks for the recommendation, but I would like to keep my naturally low level of testosterone lest I accidently turn into the other gender ;)

I've been banning members so far, but the implication that they could never return to this guild again (which is not my intention because they are welcome back anytime they decide to become more active again), is why I'm posing this question.
22days ago
See your endocrinologist about testosterone replacement therapy, or promote someone to subleader to be your bad cop

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