Hero's Ring

Hero's Ring in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, how to craft, recipe for crafting, stats.
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update 22/05/2020
Brave Ring
EnglishBrave Ring

Max Stats






Lvl 1Brave+5
Lvl 10Brave+6
2★, Lvl20Brave+8
3★, Lvl30
4★, Lvl40
5★, Lvl50

How to Get


Where to Get the Crafting Recipe

Recipe for Brave Ring

Hero's Ring Recipe is mainly obtained from the main story quest item drops.

Chapter 1 Scene 2 Battle6

Faint Memory (Green) Memory of Green Mage (Green) Grey Spiritsand Sorrowful Heart Prowling Wyvern Statue (Green) Jadeite of Lance Sword Jadeite Memory of Lancer (Green) Dark Alcryst (Green) Recipe for Heros Ring Memory of Double Gunner (Green)

Chapter 2 Scene 1 Battle3

Faint Memory (Blue) Azurite of Greatsword Azurite of Bow Sorrowful Heart Cloudy Sap Memory of White Mage (Blue) Praying Angel Statue (Blue) Memory of Paladin (Blue) Dark Alcryst (Blue) Recipe for Heros Ring Azurite of Axe Recipe for Ogre Killer Memory of Assassin (Blue)

Chapter 2 Scene 2 Battle9

Faint Memory (Blue) Azurite of Ninja Sword Azurite of Greatsword Grey Spiritsand Sorrowful Heart Memory of Thief (Blue) Praying Angel Statue (Blue) Memory of Cleric  (Blue) Dark Alcryst (Blue) Recipe for Heros Ring Memory of Assassin (Blue)

Chapter 3 Scene 1 Battle5

Faint Memory (Purple) Charoite of Ninja Sword Charoite of Knuckle Murky Fluid Sorrowful Heart Memory of Monk (Purple) Praying Angel Statue (Purple) Memory of Green Mage (Purple) Dark Alcryst (Purple) Recipe for Heros Ring Memory of Viking (Purple)

Chapter 3 Scene 3 Battle1

Faint Memory (Purple) Charoite of Gun Sword Charoite Grey Spiritsand Sorrowful Heart Memory of Warrior (Purple) Memory of White Mage (Purple) Praying Angel Statue (Purple) Dark Alcryst (Purple) Recipe for Heros Ring


Is it good to +5 it or just +4 it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not really worth the investment anymore.. the only value was early in the game when there was basically nothing else
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I see thanks, i barely played the game so this is the only accessories i have now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its fine bro, early on focus on weapons > armor > accessories... the only good accessories are TMR which require lvl 89 to use, or are rewards from raids which are more mid-late game grind, otherwise just event rewards like tide ring, sortilege

5+ weapons give 15% more damage, armor will give similar reduction depending on damage type
Is there a flat cap on bravery at 100 or does this ring add on to that?
Does this ring have a dodge version? because I have already done ten and I didn't get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only Crit, Aim, or Vital.
I know stats on items do no stack Example i have 50 health on accessory and 200 health on armor. Then i get 200 health.

but do the skills stack? like sage hat +8 evade stack with brave ring + 2 dodge skill? or do they follow same thing.
How to get hero ring??
Anybody knows how this ring exactly works? Bravery bonus 5 ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
as far as i understand, the bravery bonus is a flat stat addition to your brave meter. this ring also has evade as you increase the +level. i have a +2 and it is statted
for HP/ACC/Evade/Crit

with an item ability

Bravery bonus + 6
Evasion 2
<< Anonymous
Leviathan Reply
That's correct. Bravery by 5. The +1 to +5 versions all increase evasion as well.

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