Axe Jadeite・Azurite・Charoite・Citrine・Spiel

How to get Axe Jadeite・Azurite・Charoite・Citrine・Spiel in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Where to farm, cleric job units.
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update 31/12/2019

Chapter6 Section1 Battle2 (JP:洞窟の先に2)

Dime Memory・Citron Citrine of Axe Citrine of Ninja Sword Heart of Anger Sticky Fluid Memory of Paladin・Citron Memory of White Mage・Citron Pyroxene of Water・Citron Statue of Standing Dragon・Citron Recipe for Mythril Helm

Chapter6 Section1 Battle7 (JP:引き裂かれた絆)

Dime Memory・Citron Citrine of Lance Citrine of Axe Sticky Fluid Clear Hardened Sap Memory of Rune Knight・Citron Memory of Dragoon・Citron Pyroxene of Wind・Citron Statue of Praying Angel・Citron Recipe for Kiku-ichimonji

Chapter6 Section2 Battle4 (JP:降伏)

Dime Memory・Citron Memory of Monk・Citron Memory of Red Mage・Citron Recipe for Mythril Mace Citrine of Axe Citrine of Ninja Sword Pyroxene of Ice・Citron Statue of Standing Dragon・Citron Clear Hardened Sap Heart of Anger

Chapter6 Section2 Battle9 (JP:王となる条件1)

Dime Memory・Citron Memory of Ninja・Citron Memory of Viking・Citron Citrine of Axe Citrine of Lance Viscous Fluid Blue Aethersand Recipe for Circlet Pyroxene of Light・Citron Statue of Praying Angel・Citron

Chapter6 Section3 Battle6 (JP:壁)

Dime Memory・Citron Memory of Green Mage・Citron Memory of Lancer・Citron Clear Hardened Sap Viscous Fluid Recipe for Mythril Dagger Citrine of Axe Citrine of Ninja Sword Pyroxene of Water・Citron Statue of Standing Dragon・Citron

Spinel of Axe

Spinel of Axe


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