Ifrit Raid Event

Ifrit Raid Event in wotvffbe. Raid guide, tips, featured unit summon, raid medal shop, raid rewards.
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update 08/05/2020
Ifrit Raid Event

Duration (JST, JP Server)

15:00 5/7/2020 ~ 5/14/2020

Raid Medal Shop is available until 5/21.

Raid Quest Tips

・You can get more raid medals as rewards for "Multi" than "Solo".

・If you have a unit strong enough, choose "4 Unit 4 Player Multi" against low level Ifrit. Then you can go alone to finish the quest without waiting for other players join to the multi. Then you can farm medals fast.

Featured Equipment

Platinum Helm Platinum Robe Alexandrite Ring 

Raid Event Rewards

By defeating Ifrit, you can get Raid Medal, Gil, and some crafting materials. Depending on your raid rank, you get Raid Medal, Visiore, and SPR Dwarvem Hammer.

Trade Raid Meadls for items at the Raid Medal MogShop.

Featured Unit Summon

Ifrit Raid Event

Featured Units

Miranda Lucia Margritte

Featured Unit Shop

Half Year Anniversary Eve Part 2

Notable Items

ItemGil・VisioreTrade Limit
Miranda Shardx402,000 Visiore1
Lucia Shardx402,000 Visiore1
Fragments of Margrittex20600 Visiore1

You can also trade for items like Job Memories, Elemental Fragments of Thought, Elemental Awakening Souls, Awakening Sould (★2~4) Packs, and Elemental Alcrysts.

Raid Medal Shop

Ifrit Raid Event

Notable Items

ItemMedalTrade Limit
Platinum Helm Recipex12,00099
Recipe for Platinum Robex12,00099
Recipe for Alexandrite Ringx12.00099
Phantom Sphere of Starbowx15,0003
Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx15,0002
Dryad Sapx1200999
White Aethersandx1200999
Heart of  Rapturex1200999
Ogre Hairx1300999
Bone Chipx1300999
Non-Elemental Megacrystx1500999
Secrets of the Forge (Armor)x1500999
Secrets of the Forge (Accessory)x1500999
Burst Potx15050

You can also get Awakening Prisms, Fragments of Thought, EXP Cubes, Adamantite, NRG Restore, and low rarity craft materials.


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She is one of the only 2 units right now that have access to stop
The only real difference is the ability to wear TMRs. Which, for Orlandeau, isn't a problem ...
wait for another FFT event. it'll come to global in a couple month.
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