Raid Boss: Chocolate Flan

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update 11/06/2020
Valentine Events
Valentine Raid Boss: Chocolate Flan (JP 2020)
English (EN)Raid Boss: Chocolate Flan
Japanese (日本語)レイドボス:チョコプリンに挑め!!


  • You can go alone even in Multipler 4 Units 4 Players mode. You don't have to wait for other players join especially for low-level chocolate flan and get more rewards than 4 Units Solo Play mode.

Raid Celebration Shop

Valentine Raid Boss: Chocolate Flan (JP 2020)

Notable Items

ItemGil・LapisTrade Limit
Daily Free Multi Raid Restore x101 Per Day
Mini Burst Potx10200,000 Gil5
Ampotx10200,000 Gil5

MogShop: Raid Medal

Valentine Raid Boss: Chocolate Flan (JP 2020)
ItemMedalTrade Limit
Recipe for Alexandrite Ring200099
Fighting Over Handsome Man!!25060
NRG Restore Medium1005 times a day
Phantom Sphere of Sapphire50003
Fragments of the Will of Rainbow50002
Fragments of the Will of Fire25040
Fragments of the Will of Ice25040
Fragments of the Will of Wind25040
Fragments of the Will of Eath25040
Fragments of the Will of Thunder25040
Fragments of the Will of Water25040
Fragments of the Will of Light25040
Fragments of the Will of Dark25040
Awoken Prism of Fire25040
Awoken Prism of Ice 25040
Awoken Prism of Wind25040
Awoken Prism of Earth25040
Awoken Prism of Thunder25040
Awoken Prism of Water25040
Awoken Prism of Light25040
Awoken Prism of Dark25040
Heart of Pleasure100999
Heart of  Rapture200999
Bone Chip300999
Non-Elemental Megacryst500999
Secrets of the Forge (Accessory)500999
Burst Pot5050
EXP Cube extreme2005 times a day
EXP Cube large5010 times a day
EXP Cube mid3010 times a day
EXP Cube small1510 times a day
Adamantite large5010 times a day
Adamantite mid3010 times a day
Adamantite small1510 times a day


The choco flan are fat, he occupied 4 boxes, so if you 🔥 the closest green flan and the next green come forward then u killed him as well, the choco flan cant chase u. He will just staring at you doing nothing, u can keep pummeling him wit range atk or magic.

False. 4 medi team 1 shot 150.
Does anybody know what type the flan is? Like beast or something? I can't find any info related to that.
<< Anonymous(Lex)
Anonymous Reply
Go for chains, guns is best option. 4 gunners it 4 slashers for optimal dmg. Mediernas doesnt have enough dmg output and cant chain.
<< Anonymous(Splendid)
Huh Reply
Medienas can chain. Whatchatalkinabout willis.
<< Anonymous(Splendid)
Anonymous Reply
Not nuff damage output??? Boy Mediena has Flare what are you even talking about?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try killing a Lvl 140 flan with a team of Medienas in 1 run. You won't have enough damage even if you chain with ice or spam your slow flares since the max damage is 9999,the flan has 120k hp and your charging time takes up a turn which your team is only given 20 turns
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mediena is definitely useful for around the first 100 lvls or so. But as it goes on, their charge time starts compensating since there's a very real chance of missing a turn to attack due to charging.

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