Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Event Guide (Japan)

WOTV Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers collaboration event tips, how to farm, Thancred, Y'shtola.
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New UR Unit: Rairyuu (Halloween)
update 26/03/2020
This event has a global version. Click here to visit the event page.

Event Shop (Mog Shop)

Work in progress...

Event Missions

Work in progress...

How to complete EX Quests

EX quests are not that difficult. Just level-up your characters to 45~50 and use your friend's Thancred or hire powerful units.

EX Quest 1

EX Quest 2

Event Pickup Summon

Event Shop (Mog Shop)

Summon Ticket Gacha Rate

Gil Turtle (small) x2011.00000%
EXP Cube (small) x2011.00000%
Adamantite (small) x2011.00000%
Gil Turtle (mid) x109.00000%
EXP Cube (mid) x109.00000%
Adamantite (mid) x109.00000%
Y'shtola Fragment x107.00000%
Gil Turtle (large) x57.00000%
EXP Cube (large) x57.00000%
Adamantite (large) x57.00000%
Y'shtola Fragment x155.00000%
Y'shtola Fragment x203.00000%
Thancred Fragment x101.50000%
Thancred Fragment x151.00000%
Thancred Fragment x200.84000%

Gacha or Purchase? How to Collect Y'shtola Fragment

Expected value of pulling Y'shtola Fragment from the Ticket Gacha is 6 (1 ticket = 200 Tomestone). Converting it into 100 Tomestone, expected value is considered as 3.

Using the summon ticket looks good option though, but it's hard to say "better" since still depending on luck.


Expected Value (Y'shtola Fragment) = 40 x 15/100 + 0 x 85/100 = 6

・Purchase: 1 Y'shtola Fragment by 100 Tomestone

・Ticket Summon: 3 Y'shtola Fragment (Expected Value) by 100 Tomestone

Gacha Result Example


Adamantite (small) x20Adamantite (small) x20
Adamantite (small) x20Adamantite (mid) x10
Adamantite (mid) x10Gil Turtle (mid) x10
Gil Turtle (mid) x10Gil Turtle (mid) x10
EXP Cube (large) x5Y'shtola Fragment x10


This event will be return in the future?
How many Memories should we purchase from the shop for maxing the units?

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nope, we haven't got skahala and halloween vc yet, prolly mid november, but november login s...
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This TMR is OP when equipped to a fast unit and also once stat stacking is implemented.
Yes, Mono-element team will be a thing and meta
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