Mont TMR not found anywhere

I have Mont unit level 73 fully awakened and have just opened its 5th limit break, however, the TMR is nowhere to be found and it didnt show up in third equip slot. Is this a bug or a noob dilemma?

21days ago


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19days ago
omg, i was so noob, thank you guys
19days ago
remove shild from 1 ore 2 slot
19days ago
Did the filter is ON?
20days ago
wont show up if you have 2 acc or a TMR on already when equipping to the character
20days ago
That is weird, you should automatically get it when you have his LB5 and he is fully awakened, even if he is not to 99.

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Will this TMR be equip-able on Laswell?
What reaction ability to set on her for pvp? Predictive fire or dark shadow (evade ct up)? Im thi...
Why so?
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