when will fft part 2 event come in global ?


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Global is around 3 months behind JP (after subtracting the X-mas event), so do the math from there.

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2020 Winter Campaign Part1

When this event will come in Global?

Red Job Materials + Story Missions

Are Red Job Materials available from Story Missions in JP yet?


I need your help. I want to craft a golden axe +3. I have 2 +2 and all other materials you need ....

Equipment vs Units

Do we have any Database where we can see for example, which unit can use Sleep Blade?

what does haste do

what does haste do

What's better?

Is slashing a better comp or is gunner? I have ramza, englebert,Orlandu and Fredericka. Should I ...


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Somebody snuck Chitoge in here somehow
Guild: RandomFandom Guild ID: 43920614 Statues: 4/4/4/4 Current Membership: 17/28 Guild Battl...
Will be a staple sword for units like Engelbert & WoL
Really? Does this weapon have dodge?
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