WotV Main Story Part 2 Teaser!

WotV Main Story Part 2 Teaser, gale highland, bloody bullet, april fools, jayden, mont.
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update 01/04/2021

Gale Highland - Bloody Bullet

Posted on the official Square Enix youtube channel on March 31st (or April 1st in some areas?), the trailer teases the upcoming update set to arrive next week: 2021.4.8

While the trailer might not show much of what is to come, it may contain some spoilers of the story since there's a big gap between Global and JP's story content. It heavily features Jayden, as he's commanding an army, and ends with him in an encounter with Mont Leonis (or Mont the King of Leonis) where they then fight using the power of the visions.

JP version of WotV has other planned contents coming in April.


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