Brotherhood in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, ability, crafting, and how to get.
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update 27/03/2021

Conditions to Equip

Warrior, Knight, Paladin, Spellblade, Red Mage, Winged One, Lord, Squire, Sword Saint, Fell Knight, Warrior of Light, Holy Knight, Rune Knight, Luna Paladin, Abes' Ace


Lvl 1 (1★)Slash Attack+2, Watter Attack+2
Lvl 50 (5★)Slash Attack+8, Watter Attack+8

Max Stats




The original name for the sword in the JP version is Fraternity, Gumi’s just copy-pasting
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol imagine thinking wotv or ffbe is the origin of the sword or that gumi had anything to do with its original translation into "brotherhood"
<< Anonymous
Fina Clapyoass Reply
Have you ever played any FF game other than the mobile versions to make such a 🔥ed comment?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The sword Tidus received from Wakka in FFX was named Brotherhood for the overseas version, and Fraternity on original FFX Japanese version. Gumi have nothing to do with it's name, it comes from the 2001 game FINAL FANTASY X, produced by SquareSoft for the PS2, and remastered in 2013.
Besides, I like brotherhood (maybe because I've played FFX in English, and never heard it's original name).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You should blame square enix rather than gumi, if this naming really annoy you. They made it into "Brotherhood" to make it more familiar with overseas market. This is why people should do some research before post anything online. I believe Tidus originally called ティーダ in original version
Dyogenes The Dog
It's called Brotherhood
<< Anonymous(Dyogenes The Dog)
Anonymous Reply
Fraternity means Brotherhood
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"The homo subtext"? What are you talking about? Anyway, it's not called Fraternity. It's called Brotherhood. Maybe you don't yet own the weapon, so you don't know that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There was kind of a localization scandal when there was an eva 2 screening years ago and they had khara representatives who were horrified the audience was laughing and felt the shinji kaworu scenes were misunderstood

Japanese creators in general have either complete detachment or anxiety over localization because it happens every few years
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For me, both are right. In the original FFX (2001), and also it's remaster (2013), the japanese version had it named Fraternity, and the overseas version named Brotherhood.
I've played the overseas version of the game, so, Fraternity sounds a little bit strange for me when talking about Tidus weapon, but I like it too (like Tidus Caladbolg, called Ultima Weapon in Japanese ver).
will it be farmable?
<< Anonymous
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
can you only get one of this? can you never get it to +5?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've been looking everywhere for recipes, but I can't find any. I think it might be just a one of...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not sure if there's a name for the kind, but some weapons you just get one and you awaken it and level it up, like rain sword or agrias
How to craft this? does it need BP?
i am pretty new, thanks
<< Anonymous(toto)
Alryuu Reply
It's a reward from one of the bingo challenge boards, not a crafted weapon
<< Anonymous(Alryuu)
toto Reply

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*spoiler* im sad he dies in the story. all he wanted was some time with ramada :(
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Yeah it's what I presume, thanks for the confirmation
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