Guild Raid Guide

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update 07/10/2021
Guild Raid Guide

What is Guild Raid?

Guild Raid is a time-limited event where players in a guild can fight raid-like bosses. Unlike regular raids, the fights can't be done via multiplayer, but the damage dealt and accomplishments are shared with the entire guild.

Guild Raid events also don't give raid-related rewards. Instead, the rewards are mostly Magicites and statue-enhancing materials.

How it works

Guild Raid Guide

The Guild Raids button will be available during the event duration when you go to the Guild screen. Tap the banner to enter the Guild Raids.

The day the event is available is always a trial phase, and the main phase will start the day after. During the trial phase, players can freely practice the Raids without using any attempts and can even try the "rounds" of the bosses.

Guild Raid Guide

During the event, there will be a set of raid bosses and each player gets 3 attempts per day to fight them. Attempts will be used even if you forfeit the fight. Attempts are reset at 00:00 World Time (PST).

All players in the guild will get a reward when a raid boss is defeated, but there are certain bonuses for players that deal the most damage or get the last hit.

Guild Raid Guide
Guild Raid Guide

Compared to the usual raid, guild raid fights don't have time limit for each action since there aren't multiplayer involved, but there is still a limit of 20 actions.

Guild raid fights also have a bonus of Base AP+60 and Damage Limit+10,000 which applies to all units.

Guild Raid Guide

Plan your units carefully since a unit that you bring for a certain fight will not be usable again for a different raid boss until the server reset.

If you manage to defeat a raid boss, you can continue fighting a different raid boss using the same team without using another attempt.

The units' HP and ability uses will be fully restored as if it's new. However, the remaining turns left will be carried over.

Guild Raid Guide

Once all 5 enemies are defeated, the guild will be able to fight stronger versions of the raid bosses for better rewards up to round 10.

General Tips

Initial Placement

Guild Raid Guide
Guild Raid Guide

It's highly recommended that you enable the "Initial Placement" button when you are about to fight the bosses since you can place up to 2 units somewhat close to the bosses. This helps melee ranged units a few turns of moving so that they can start to deal some damage right away.

Damage Cap Increase

If you can already reach max damage cap per attack, then the only way to increase damage per raid attempt is to raise your damage cap.

Guild Raid Guide

Level 99 units can only deal up to 9999 damage (19,999 because of map bonus), but EX units always have a Damage Limit Up increase node at job level 19. Keep in mind that you can level up this node instead of just picking it up. At level 20, it gives a +2000.

Serpentine Onslaught, Two-Headed Dragon Bursting Spirit, Mindflayer The Perks of Having Charm Thanks for the Votes!

You can also use a damage limit up VC like Two-Headed Dragon or Mindlfayer to increase the cap of all units in your party.

Starlight Elena Cloud Tifa

Multi-hit attacks have a higher max damage cap since the cap applies to each hit of the attack, so a 4 hit attack can potentially deal 87,996 (21,999 x 4) without using a max damage+ VC.

Not an easy feat since the multiplier of each hit is pretty low. If you are able to do a lot of attack-type or element chaining, it's better to focus on increasing their attack or crit instead of using max damage+ VC.

Generic Debuffs

Pharm Shadowlynx Adelard Chel

If you can build mono elements, you can chain a boss down pretty easily. But if you don't have that many units, you can still deal a good amount of damage with a mixed team with some good buffs or debuffs.

A debuff like decreasing attack-type and a specific elemental resist is something that most top damage dealer units already have. Unlike status effects, these will always land on the enemy unless they have a buff that resists them. But there are other debuffs that you can take advantage of to boost your team's damage.

  • DEF and/or SPR decrease from a unit like Pharm or Clairvoyant Astrologer VC.
  • Shadowlynx can reduce an enemy's single-target attack type resist.
  • Green Mages like Adelard or Chel have Imperil . An ability that can reduce all elemental resistance.
  • Steal Time from units with Thief jobs or AP Break are also useful to disrupt the boss, but they might not always work on all bosses.


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