Warrior of lihgt only LB 4 worth?

Is it worth to have Warrior of light character if you only get him on limit break 3 or 4? Are level 79 or 89 chars where you don't get shards any more, not too weak against other level 99s?


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You want LB4 for the TMR slot
LB3 is probably fine for most stuff, but brutal difficulty and tower you are going to want at least LB4
LB3? Yes. LB4? Yes. LB5? Yes.
I just pulled WoL this morning and I should be able to get him to LB4 at least. I'd say he's worth it at LB4. LB3, no.
Tanks are solid even at 79. Obviously, 89 and 99 are better, but you’re behind the ball if you haven’t pulled him yet so it might be smarter to save up for the future!
LB4 maybe. LB3? Forget about it.

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