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Y'shtola War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 23/03/2020
English Yshtola
Japanese 漆黒の魔女 ヤ・シュトラ
RaritySSRJob 1Witch
TypeFireJob 2White Mage
AffiliationFF XIVJob 3Green Mage
AcquisitionRewardRelease Date (JP)Nov 2019
Time LimitedYesRelease Date (GL)Mar 2020


Potential to Be a Good Unit But... by Anon

Potential to be a good unit but her AI is atrocious. There's no point in changing her subclass to white mage because she will literally NEVER use any of her white mage abilities. I've seen her move and do nothing several times instead of casting a buff.

Pro Tips By Hizagui

Be very mindfull of which subjob you have equipped.

While in Sorceress you have access to Foul, the AI will inflict friendly fire or miss targets due to cast time 100% of the time in certain stages, not to mention using it to hit only one enemy. It is however good for certain stages as it speeds up farming considerably.

As many people have said, White mage is good for manual mode only since the AI will not use her skills.

Green Mage has Ruin which is M dmg modifier and non elemental so that's what I roll with most of the time.

Final tip, do not forget to level up the Enochian passive skill to raise MAG.

Trust Master Reward

Master Ability

Max TP+15%, AP Acquisition Modifier+30%,, Magic Attack Res Piercing Rate+30

Max Stats

Lvl, All JobLv Max

TP160Magic 191

Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Starting AP+16

Job 1: Witch Abilities

ActionAetherial ManipulationMoves the caster to the selected panel and has a chance to increase CT for allies within areaLv.1
ActionScion's FireDeals small Fire magic damage to the targetLv.1
ActionSharpcastIncreases self MGK for 3 turnsJobLv.3
SupportEnochianIncreases MGKJobLv.3
ReactionManafontRestores AP for self when damage is takenJobLv.3
ActionFoulDeals moderate Fire magic damage to units within areaJobLv.5
ActionSwiftcastReduces Casting Time for self for 3 turns★6
ActionXenoglossyDeals heavy Fire magic damage to the target★6
ActionScion's FiraDeals moderate Fire magic damage to units within area★6

Job 2: White Mage Abilities

SupportMarch of the SaintApplies Doom Immunity★2&JobLv.3
ActionEsunaRemoves Poison・Darkness・Sleep・Silence・Paralysis・Confuse・Stone・Toad・Immobilize・Disable・Berserk・Stun from the target★2
ActionShellApplies Shell (decreasing the amount of magic damage taken) to the target★2
ActionCureRestores a small amount of HP to a target★3&JobLv.3
ReactionRegenerateHas a chance to apply Regen when receiving damage★3&JobLv.5
ActionHolyDeals heavy Light magic damage to the target & sure hit & extra damage against Undead★5 & JobLv.12
ActionRaiseHas a chance to revive the target & restores very small HP to it★5
ActionCuraRestores small HP to allies within area★6
ActionCuradaRestores moderate HP to one ally★6
ActionProtect Applies Protect to the target★6

Job 3: Green Mage Abilities

ActionDeprotectDecreases DEF for 3 turns to units within area★4
ActionRuinDeals moderate non-elemental magic damage to the target★4
ActionBarfireIncreases fire resistance for 3 turns to allies within area★4
SupportHoly BlessingIncreases resistance to debuffs and magic damage★4
ActionDispelRemoves buffs from units within area★5 & JobLv.12
SupportEmerald EchoIncreases the duration of buffs・debuffs you cast by 1 turn★6
ActionDeshellDecreases Spirit for the units within area for 3 turns★6
ActionSpeed UpIncreases SPD for the target for 3 turns★6
ReactionDispel Counter Has a chance to remove buffs from the attacker when damage is taken★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


Awakening Materials
SoulFragments of the Will of FireAwoken Prism of FireFragments of the Will of RainbowPhantom Sphere of Sapphire
Awoken Soul of Fire ★2


Awoken Soul of Fire ★3


Awoken Soul of Fire ★4


Awoken Soul of Fire ★5


Awoken Soul of Fire ★6



Limit Break

1stPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex1, Yshtola Fragmentsx20
2ndPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex1, Yshtola Fragmentsx40
3rdPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex2, Yshtola Fragmentsx80
4thPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex2, Yshtola Fragmentsx160
5thPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex3, Yshtola Fragmentsx200
TotalPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex9, Yshtola Fragmentsx500



Hot New Top
My lvl 95 Yshtola can't one shot monster in axe farming stage and got outdamaged by lvl 74 without TMR equip. why?
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
what lvl 74 characters. if mediena, of course. i never tried axe farming btw. but my 97 Yshtola can do nice dmg to mobs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
74 Y'sh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Late reply, but did you max her faith?
Did shop still selling ystola shard with gil. Even after the event gone? I want to make LB5 ysthollla
<< Anonymous(Ayvthaya)
Anon Reply
i dont think so. after event done. u will never get ystholla shards anymore
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
If it's like Gumi's other games, some events, in particular FFXIV, get reruns almost annually
How do i make her do damage?
i have her pretty high level with a lot of jp invested into her but her damage is subpar
<< Anonymous(Hack)
Anonymous Reply
Her damage is quite ok, not as good as a UR, so lower the epetations a bit.
Max enochian, raise her job levels, max her damaging skills. She will one shot mission monsters with Foul.
<< Anonymous(Hack)
Anon Reply
you cant compare her dmg vs mediena or other UR. for me yshtolla seems enjoyable for farms. i got her lvl 95 ( max tomorrow ) . she can 1 hit foul almost every enemy in stages and help me in arena
In my opinion a fully realized yshtola, is wicked and magic costs less, and has been able to one hit all stages with sages staff +4
<< Anonymous(Dominus)
Ordeals Reply
How did you farm the mats to awaken Sages Staff to +4?
How i can up the faith status ??
<< Anonymous(Amaemon)
kururu Reply
Use Fina's 'CHEER' every battle. The total faith stat retains 1/4 of the total gained faith (rounded down) after every battle.
Why she is spawn in the battle in a chicken?
<< Anonymous(Jefferson)
khart Reply
Low brave. You permanently lose 2 brave each time a unit die in battle. Increase her brave using guild or samurai's meditation skill
I have her at Lvl. 50 and her HP is criminally low. Any way to boost this, or is it just going to be like this forever?
<< Anonymous(Philip)
khart Reply
she's a glass canon. Dont expect her to take hit
Why my Yshtola suddenly has 8 bravery (permanent) and she become chicken every single time i bring her into battle?
<< Anonymous(Henry)
Anonymous Reply
Putting her into barrack is a short term solution if you dont have fina to boost faith.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
🔥 more enemy , take the crystal will boost the bravery and bought forward 25% of bravery off battle. it is the only way if you do not have skill or barrack to boost bravery
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
btw , avoid knock down..... it will decrease bravery..... especially she is make of grass.....
<< Anonymous
Tall Morty Reply
I like mines as a Cucco.
Guild named FFX-Axis
I feel like I've grinded all of my resources into her but I'm not even sure if she is any good. Anyone used her white mage?

Oh and if anyone is looking for a guild, my friends have a wealth if information: FFX-AXIS
<< Anonymous(Guild named FFX-Axis)
Anonymous Reply
She's quite good element-wise but is easily outshined by Mediena class-wise.
<< Anonymous
Warbourne Reply
I think that people should maybe consider that Medi is just a broken character instead of trying to use her as the standard just because of a ~70 magic power difference.

Y'shtola, like Medi, is far and away better than any other unit in her class (MR). But there are a couple of things she can do that Medi cannot do.

Medi is also UR and will take forever to max out.
Hi! How many Sorceress's Memory I need to fully limit break her main job? Is it possible to get Sorceress's Memory after the event ends?
<< Anonymous(Suii)
Anonymous Reply
I'd say 2 Blue ones, 4 Yellow ones, and 5 Red ones... but I'm not sure, can someone confirm
What equipment can she equip. I have the third slot unlocked but nothing is equipable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got the same issue! :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
3rd slot is her TMR
you get it when 6* awakening
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Took me a little bit to realize it, but you can't have a staff or other main hand weapon on any of her other slots if you want to equip her Trust weapon in the 3rd slot. Maybe that was the issue?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ya that was the issue since none of the slots are bound to specific items except the tmr slot. any item can go anywhere else otherwise. so if your tmr is a weapon youve used up your 1 weapon slot. BUT you can have more than one accessory so keep that in mind if you wanna double up on that 🔥.
How many memories are necessary to max her job?
<< Anonymous
Red Reply
I d like to know the answer too, dont want to spend all memoquartz if only 2yellow/red are need.
<< Anonymous(Red)
Blue Reply
Yellow one need is 4. Red one, hmm didnt reach that place yet.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
You need 4 Yewllow ones and 5 Red ones. To raise sorceress's JobLv to max, you have to trade for all of available ones at the Tomestone Mogshop.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 green 2 blue 3 violet 4 yellow 5 red

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