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Y'shtola War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 24/11/2021
English Yshtola
Japanese漆黒の魔女 ヤ・シュトラ
Job 1Sorceress
Job 2White Mage
Job 3Green Mage
RelationFF XIV
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)Nov 2019
Release Date (GL)Mar 2020

Trust Master Reward

Master Ability

Own Max TP +15%, AP Acquisition Modifier +30%, Magic Attack Res Piercing Rate +30%

Master Ability 2

Fire Unit Allies' Max HP +10% / Confusion Res +25%, own MAG +20% / SPR Piercing Rate +20

Max Stats

Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Starting AP+16

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board

MAG +48
AGI +4
DEX +11
Luck +11
Max Damage+2000
Max Level+21

EX Job Abilities

CommandXenoglossy IIDeals Fire Dmg (L) to target based on caster's MAG stat & bestows Man Eater.
CommandScions Greater FiraRaises own Magic Attack Res Piercing Rate for 3 turns, then deals Fire Dmg (M) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat.
SupportEnochian IIRaises MAG/Magic Res Piercing Rate/Accuracy Rate.

Sorceress Main Commands

CommandScions FireDeals Fire Dmg (S) to target based on caster's MAG stat.
CommandAetherial ManipulationChance of raising CT of allies within range after movement to target panel.
CommandSwiftcastReduces own Activation Time for 3 turns.
CommandXenoglossyDeals Fire Dmg (L) to target based on caster's MAG stat.
CommandScions FiraDeals Fire Dmg (M) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat.

Sorceress Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandSharpcastRaises own MAG for 3 turns.
CommandFoulDeals Fire Dmg (M) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat.
SupportEnochianRaises MAG.
ReactionManafontChance of recovering own AP when taking Dmg.

White Mage Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandEsunaRemoves Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralysis, Confusion, Petrify, Toad, Immobilize, Disable, Berserk, and Stun from target.
CommandCureRecovers target's HP (S).
CommandShellBestows Shell on ally for 3 turns.
CommandRaiseChance of recovering target from KO status and recovering HP (Min).
CommandCuradaRecovers Target's HP (M).
CommandCuraRecovers HP (S) of allies within range.
CommandProtect Bestows Protect on ally for 3 turns.
CommandHolyDeals Light Dmg (L) to target based on caster's MAG stat & Guaranteed Hit & bestows Reaper Killer.
SupportMarch of the SaintsNullifies Doom.
ReactionRegeneratorChance of bestowing Regen on self for 3 turns when taking Dmg.

Green Mage Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandBardarkRaises Dark Res of allies within range for 3 turns.
CommandRuinDeals Non-Elemental Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat.
CommandDeprotectLowers DEF of targets within range for 3 turns.
CommandDeshellLowers SPR for targets within range for 3 turns.
CommandVitalize Raises target's AGI for 3 turns.
CommandDispelRemoves all Buffs from targets within range.
SupportSaviors ProtectionRaises Debuff Res/Magic Attack Res.
SupportEmerald EchoIncreases effect duration of Buffs/Debuffs cast by self by 1 turn.
ReactionDispel Counter Removes all Buffs from enemy when taking Dmg.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ParalyzeConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharm
Slow StopImmobilizeDisableBerserk


Awakening Materials
SoulFire Fragment of ThoughtFire Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtAzure Vision Sphere
Fire Awakening Soul 2★


Fire Awakening Soul 3★


Fire Awakening Soul 4★


Fire Awakening Soul 5★


Fire Awakening Soul 6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakAzure Vision SphereUnit Shard



Hot New Top
Why my Yshtola suddenly has 8 bravery (permanent) and she become chicken every single time i bring her into battle?
<< Anonymous(Henry)
Anonymous Reply
Putting her into barrack is a short term solution if you dont have fina to boost faith.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
🔥 more enemy , take the crystal will boost the bravery and bought forward 25% of bravery off battle. it is the only way if you do not have skill or barrack to boost bravery
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
btw , avoid knock down..... it will decrease bravery..... especially she is make of grass.....
<< Anonymous
Tall Morty Reply
I like mines as a Cucco.
How many memories are necessary to max her job?
<< Anonymous
Red Reply
I d like to know the answer too, dont want to spend all memoquartz if only 2yellow/red are need.
<< Anonymous(Red)
Blue Reply
Yellow one need is 4. Red one, hmm didnt reach that place yet.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
You need 4 Yewllow ones and 5 Red ones. To raise sorceress's JobLv to max, you have to trade for all of available ones at the Tomestone Mogshop.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 green 2 blue 3 violet 4 yellow 5 red
What equipment can she equip. I have the third slot unlocked but nothing is equipable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got the same issue! :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
3rd slot is her TMR
you get it when 6* awakening
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Took me a little bit to realize it, but you can't have a staff or other main hand weapon on any of her other slots if you want to equip her Trust weapon in the 3rd slot. Maybe that was the issue?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ya that was the issue since none of the slots are bound to specific items except the tmr slot. any item can go anywhere else otherwise. so if your tmr is a weapon youve used up your 1 weapon slot. BUT you can have more than one accessory so keep that in mind if you wanna double up on that 🔥.
My lvl 95 Yshtola can't one shot monster in axe farming stage and got outdamaged by lvl 74 without TMR equip. why?
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
what lvl 74 characters. if mediena, of course. i never tried axe farming btw. but my 97 Yshtola can do nice dmg to mobs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
74 Y'sh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Late reply, but did you max her faith?
How the hell can i obtain sorcerers stone for job leveling
<< Anonymous(Loco)
Aa Reply
ystholla event is ended. u cannot get sorcerer stones until the event re-run. try heroes shards instead.
<< Anonymous(Loco)
Loco Reply
Where do i find heroes shard? Sorry im a newby
<< Anonymous(Loco)
Anonymous Reply
i think he is referring to those nameless hero memory, you can find in some shops that uses medals. (guild medal or something)
Guild named FFX-Axis
I feel like I've grinded all of my resources into her but I'm not even sure if she is any good. Anyone used her white mage?

Oh and if anyone is looking for a guild, my friends have a wealth if information: FFX-AXIS
<< Anonymous(Guild named FFX-Axis)
Anonymous Reply
She's quite good element-wise but is easily outshined by Mediena class-wise.
<< Anonymous
Warbourne Reply
I think that people should maybe consider that Medi is just a broken character instead of trying to use her as the standard just because of a ~70 magic power difference.

Y'shtola, like Medi, is far and away better than any other unit in her class (MR). But there are a couple of things she can do that Medi cannot do.

Medi is also UR and will take forever to max out.
How do i make her do damage?
i have her pretty high level with a lot of jp invested into her but her damage is subpar
<< Anonymous(Hack)
Anonymous Reply
Her damage is quite ok, not as good as a UR, so lower the epetations a bit.
Max enochian, raise her job levels, max her damaging skills. She will one shot mission monsters with Foul.
<< Anonymous(Hack)
Anon Reply
you cant compare her dmg vs mediena or other UR. for me yshtolla seems enjoyable for farms. i got her lvl 95 ( max tomorrow ) . she can 1 hit foul almost every enemy in stages and help me in arena
Did shop still selling ystola shard with gil. Even after the event gone? I want to make LB5 ysthollla
<< Anonymous(Ayvthaya)
Anon Reply
i dont think so. after event done. u will never get ystholla shards anymore
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
If it's like Gumi's other games, some events, in particular FFXIV, get reruns almost annually
Potential to be a good unit but her AI is atrocious. There's no point in changing her subclass to white mage because she will literally NEVER use any of her white mage abilities. I've seen her move and do nothing several times instead of casting a buff.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah I agree. they need to fix auto battle better like control which skills will be used in auto battle otherwise it feels like a mistake to learn certain skills
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea, her white mage subclass is only good for her to use Holy since the AI doesn't buff XD
will yshtola unit will be givin free in second rerun?
<< Anonymous(revenant)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, and shards are available in shop for gil (same price like mont)
<< Anonymous
revenant Reply
finally thanks for clearing it up hopefully i get lucky pulling thancred and get to max him
you see all those buffs on the list? cool
now watch her not use any of them in-game, even with white mage sub.
<< Anonymous
Fischer Reply
Yeah, that really sucks! Even heal she do not!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
100% agree. I put a ton of resources into maxing her out only to find out that she literally NEVER uses those abilities. Pretty disappointing.
Does Y'shtola rerun gives also mindstone? Already have her at 99 waiting for its ex I hope she's good
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes many shards probably be given

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