Should I care about pvp?

I'm honestly not a fan of the pvp here, is there a reason I should bother with it at all or can I just focus on pve?


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Forgot to mention that arena exchange shop changed on some basis.
Doesn't take much effor to get 3 units to 99 and play everything on auto.

Class match has very good rewards and normal arena has good rewards with medals too.
xiza is from guild medals. pvp medals don't have shards, while arena medals don't have units/unit-shards. good thing the game doesn't make them necessary tho.
PVP... is it match or arena?

Arena might be recommended for any player as it give you free visiore every week. Not to mention you can select your own opponent, which mean you are able to prepare anything beforewards. There is also pvp coin, which can be exchanged with unit or shards such as Xiza. Her TMR is game changer, so I think it is better to farm it even for PVE.
Try to be at least in top 10.000 as 10.000+ visiore reward is kinda frustating for all that week.

Match, however might be a little difficult . The matching is random, and this field is absolutely dominated by veterans. You might expect opponent with 2800+ ATK / MAG at this point. The rewards for the coin exchange is absolutely outstanding, however as they are intended as end game item. A total grinding here. This is what make a difference between dedicated player vs casual IMO.
the whole thing is just auto anyway so not much to stress about. also 5x medals event is nice
It's a decent way to get additional visiores each week, and the medals help get some resources. There's also some exclusive recipes from the pvp medals.

It can be pretty rough when you fight against heavy whales, but the experience can be a nice way to get a better understanding on how to manage your team imo.
depending on your sleep schedule it may not be too hard to use a unit or vision card with a bonus and get into top 5k before the daily tick and get extra 500 viz a week

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