1st Anniversary Medal

New player here, how do I get more 1st year anniversary medal in WOTV?


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As of right now most draws you use purchased visitors for are giving 100 Anniversary Medals a draw. Some free visiore draws are giving 10 per draw. Each medal has a 1:1 exchange rate for UR units from FFX then the normal UR including Gilgamesh and Knight of Ruin Sterne. Can also be exchanged at 1:1 for Vision Cards/Esper Cards including the new Omega card, Flash of Insight, and the FFX Event cards among the other cards that have been released. I highly recommend that you ration using the Medals and maybe holding on to them up until the day before they get removed. I say this because unlocking characters hard nodes give you a bonus of 5 shards, I believe unlocking their specific power @level 40 by doing their mission gives a bonus of 15 shards. So in essence if you are at the last limit break level and use 200 Medals to get their shards yet have not done these quests yet your wasting 20-26-ish of the anniversary Medals. The fact that they can get you any unit or card just about makes them insanely valuable in my book.
Summoning on certain banner gives anniversary medals. The only one with free visiore is the bahamut vc. You have more options if you have paid visiore.

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