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Cidolfus Orlandeau in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 26/05/2022
Cidolfus Orlandeau
English Cidolfus Orlandeau
Japanese雷神 シド・オルランドゥ
Job 1Sword Saint
Job 2Samurai
Job 3Knight
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)Jan, 2020
Release Date (GL)Apr 2020

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Swordplay: Thunder God

Deals Dmg (L) to targets within range & bestows Haste on self for 3 turns.

Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlash Slash
ElementThunder Thunder
Max Effect (at Lv.20)Dmg: 200%, Speed (Haster): +42%

Range Height1
Area Height1

Swordplay: Thunder God (Upgraded in Master Ability 2)

Deals Dmg (L) to target within range & bestows Haste for 3 turns & additional effect: significantly raises Debuff Res while hasted & lowers AP Consumption.

Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlash Slash
ElementThunder Thunder
Max Effect (at Lv.20)Dmg: 200%, Speed (Haster): +42%, Debuff Res: +50, AP Consumption: -25

Range Height1
Area Height1

Master Ability

Master Ability 1

Slash Attack +10, DEF +5

Master Ability 2

Lightning Unit Allies' Max HP +10% / Lightning Attack +15, own DEF Piercing Rate +30 / Slash Attack Res +10 / Missile/Magic Attack Res +15 / Enhances Swordplay: Thunder God.

Max Stats

Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

ATK +37
AGI +5
DEX +30
Luck +59
Critical Rate+12
DEF +2

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board

ATK +10
AGI +6
DEX +5
Luck +41
Critical Rate+5
Max Damage+2000
Max Level+21

EX Job Skills

Command Crush Armor+

Lowers target's DEF for 3 turns, then deals high accuracy Dmg (S).

Command Crest of the Black Lion+

Raises own ATK for 3 turns & nullifies Blind, Paralysis, and Sleep & auto-restore AP (M) & significantly raises Area Attack Res while HP is 70% or above.

Command Musou Lightning Thrust: Extreme

Removes Courage from target within range & lowers Slash Attack Res for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (M).

Sword Saint Main Skills

Command Crush Armor

Lowers target's DEF for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (S).

Command Crest of the Black Lion

Raises own ATK for 3 turns & nullifies Blind, Paralysis, and Sleep.

Command Crush Weapon

Deals Dmg (L) to targets & lowers ATK for 3 turns.

Command Divine Ruination

Deals Dmg (M) to target within range & lowers Lightning Res for 3 turns.

Command Shadowblade

Deals Dmg (S) to target & absorbs Dmg dealt.

Sword Saint Sub Skills

Command Crush Helm

Deals Dmg (M) to target & lowers Max HP for 3 turns.

Command Duskblade

Absorbs target's TP.

Command Hallowed Bolt

Deals Dmg (S) to targets within range & chance of inflicting Silence for 3 turns.

Support Thunder God

Significantly raises ATK & lowers All Attack Res.

Support Battlewise

Jump +1 & raises Max HP.

Reaction Auto-Refresh

Chance of recovering own AP when taking Dmg.

Samurai Sub Skills

Command Meditation

Raises Bravery of allies within area around self,

Command Hien

Deals Dmg (S) to target.

Command Illusion

Raises Evasion Rate of allies within area around self for 3 turns.

Command Nightveil

Deals Dmg (S) to targets within area around self & chance of inflicting Blind for 3 turns.

Command Devotion

Raises own ATK/Critical Hit Rate for 3 turns.

Command Kongou

Deals Dmg (L) to targets within range & bestows Machina/Stone Killer.

Support Blade Soul

Raises ATK/Evasion Rate & lowers DEF.

Reaction Third Eye

Chance of raising own Evasion Rate for 3 turns when taking Dmg (stackable up to 3 times).

Knight Sub Skills

Command Power Break

Deals Dmg (S) to targets within range & lowers ATK for 3 turns.

Command Arm Break

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Disable for 3 turns.

Command Divine Healing

Raises own Max HP for 3 turns & recovers the amount of HP raised

Command Magic Break

Deals Dmg (S) to targets within range & lowers MAG for 3 turns.

Command Speed Break

Deals Dmg (S) to targets within range & lowers AGI for 3 turns.

Command Trinity Break

Deals Dmg (M) to target & lowers ATK/MAG/AGI for 3 turns.

Support Divine Protection

Raises Debuff Res.

Support HP Up Lv. 1

Raises Max HP.

Reaction Sword Guard

Chance of damage reduction when taking Dmg.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic


ParalyzeConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharm
Slow StopImmobilizeDisableBerserk


Awakening Materials
SoulIce Fragment of ThoughtIce Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Ice Awakening Soul2★


Ice Awakening Soul3★


Ice Awakening Soul4★


Ice Awakening Soul5★


Ice Awakening Soul6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard




Hot New Top
For those complaining how hard to get Orlandeau Shards, get pay2win'd!

Gonna start bashing F2P MR scrubs lol

Mobile games are for Whales, we are the ones keeping these games alive, not freeloaders, we pay the developers for every hard work games they do, we're not paying for some stupid SJW 60$ AAA console games
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this person is probably a freeloader as well just irl. probably spending money he didn't work for. that is why he doesn't think before spending
<< Anonymous
yeah Reply
try me. i'm f2p but got lucky.
<< Anonymous
yeah Reply
got couple of maxed out UR's good vision cards. lvl 89 orlandeau im f2p lets have a match
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Someone feels super entitled today.
Thunder God is a top-tier physical slasher. He has a variety powerful ranged attacks, among the most useful is the Armor Crusher, which sinks its teeth against high defence tanks. He is also beefy enough to take several hits, even tanky depending on build. Use him as a main/alt attacker while a tank aggros hate.

The Samurai sub-class is recommended, as it offers a wider variety of Buff spells, which allows to greater AP gain before engaging in combat. The best Esper for him is Odin.

Unfortunately, he is a limited-time event unit that has already transpired. There is a possibility of obtaining more shards for him in the 2nd Final Fantasy Tactics event if you possess him and have not finished limit breaking him.

He's weak to earth elemental, magic and piercing. Currently released units like Aileen, Murmur hypothetically could counter him. If Mediena catches him with a flare that could also end him.
<< Anonymous(Kovu)
Anonymous Reply
i've fought lots of orlandeau, i can 1hit every single one of them 6-7k flare diabolos trosseau
<< Anonymous(Kovu)
Anonymous Reply
a defensively built Orlandeau can eliminate his magic weakness
Smart coat, Fenrir esper/card, low faith
Since Kilphe uses things like Flare, Holy, etc (that don't do earth damage) its not unusual to have Cid survive 3 or more hits from his "counter" - more if he has a barrier and heals
<< Anonymous
C3PhO Reply
while Kilphe might use more powerful ranged attacks at a distance like Holy or Flare that do not have earth elemental, she would still have 25% type advantage over him which is calculated in all instances of damage.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
C3PhO Reply
to elaborate on this just a little further, because she is of earth type and Cid is of lightning type, any time the two units engage, Cid would deal 25% less damage regardless of his attack element and would receive 25% more damage regardless of the attack he would receive from Kilphe.
How much we need to LB3 Orlandeu? I read the information in this site but it seems we can only purchase 120 + 20 shards as event rewards.
How we can reach 240 shards? Should we waste our visiores by pulling the banner hoping to get multiple orlandeu and then redeem the mog shop's medal to get more?
<< Anonymous(Ciel)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, you can only buy 120 in the FFT Collaboration Shop. No, you can actually buy 80 with FFT Event Medals.
The other 40 you can get by:
A) Buying them in the Shop for visiore (regular, you can reset once daily for free), also appears in Wimsy Shop and maybe in the Lightning Unit Training Items Shop;
B) Summoning 1 dupe;
C) Buying them in the FFT Summon Medals (B) shop, for 5 shards per 2k summon.
<< Anonymous(Ciel)
Fuqshu Reply
LB 3 is extremely easy, F2P also can make it done. It might be better to set your goal a bit higher. In case if you have stored plenty of unpaid vis, so you can make him LB5.
<< Anonymous(Ciel)
Linh Reply
Best way to max him out at F2P is to reroll till you got him from the first free summon. Then you can use free visiroes to by 2x40 pack. Then you can farm the even to get another 80. Then you have 400 more shard which you can buy from shop when he shows up. It will cost you 20000 viriores but you will get them all from quest, gift and events for sure
<< Anonymous(Linh)
Linh Reply
Sorry a mistake there. You can by 3x40 shards packs in shop which will be 120 shards in total
Whoever is coming up with these tiers has no idea what they are doing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tiers are based on how effective each unit on max level wtf are you talking about?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
if you would keep reading under the tier list, he states that he consideres the shard availabiltiy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They shouldn't consider it though, that's missleading, main concept is literally rate the character potential
<< Anonymous
Ivalice Boy Reply
This is actually true, the tier list should be considering how powerful or helpful the unit will be for the player disregarding the shards. they should create a new tier list for characters shards considered if they still want it.
how much differences between lv89 and lv99 landu?
<< Anonymous(f2p)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(f2p)
ZZ Reply
pretty much i think, since lvl will have job lvl 15 and 89 only job lvl 12.
<< Anonymous(ZZ)
Anonymous Reply
What is the difference of having job lv 12 or 15, i can guess just stats? are they that much?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
-high hp
-high dps
-debuf low ap wide range

-cost money to max
<< Anonymous(vic)
Anonymous Reply
-hes not so good as they ppl saying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pro he's as good as them people sayin'
<< Anonymous
TopShark Reply
You obviously are not on the top 500 of the arena.
<< Anonymous(vic)
Anonymous Reply
path of least resistance
I got him. He is very good. His shred skill is awesome. But, tbh, I prefer ranged units with guns like Frederika. Unlike Orlandu, he need to chase for the enemies and if hes runs out of AP by running round the whole map. And his moving range is kinda limited. Sorry Orlandu lover. I love FFT, but i'm going to spend the vision on other gunner units in future.
<< Anonymous(Necroxis)
Linh Reply
He and Frederika has different role. If you have him then train him. Then keep your resource to get Lucia later. She is double gunner which is much more powerful than Frederika
<< Anonymous(Linh)
Necroxis Reply
I didnt play JP version. I dont know alot, i just follow the advises from you all. By comparing Lucai and Vinera Fennes which one is better?
<< Anonymous(Necroxis)
Professor Oak Reply
I think Pikachu is better for you Ash.
<< Anonymous(Professor Oak)
Anonymous Reply
i think u like pica so much
Can anyone tell me, is tg cid can use greatswod? to be precise, Gold blade.
<< Anonymous(Rith)
Anonymous Reply
I don't think so. If you check "Conditions to Equip" under Golden Blade, only soldier is listed as an equippable job.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't say equippable for the newer classes until the class has been released.
<< Anonymous(Rith)
GameA1 Reply
Cid can't equip greatsword.
<< Anonymous(Rith)
SpOnGE bOB Reply
Sorry Cis is a needle 🔥 wielder only
how much differences between lv79 and lv89 ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
difference of lv10.
<< Anonymous
MAN.Bappy Reply
The only real difference is the ability to wear TMRs. Which, for Orlandeau, isn't a problem since he can already run his own buffs/teambuffs. But it could be useful if you had good TMRs you'd like him to equip... his own TMR isn't that great right now since AI doesn't know how to proc it. Good luck!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The way units are balanced 79-89 gives the most substantial agility for turn order relative to other units, also TMR
High level Orlandeau stats
<< GameA1
Fred Reply
you clearly have no idea what youre talking about. Orlandeau has far more utility than Stern and has better abilities. This is why he is SS on Altema and Stern is only S. If this website is going to be a good resource we need someone that actually knows how to make a decent tier list cause as of right now it is very misleading.
<< Anonymous(Fred)
GameA1 Reply
Hi Fred, thank you for your comment. Can you help making better tier list? On the main page of this website, there is a discord banner. Please join it and discuss the tier :)
Will orleandu be available again in the future? I only need 80 more shards to make him lb5
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He should come back in 4-5 months if we are following JP when the rerun comes along.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It looks like still show up in the next Final Fantasy event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
today is last day for the event and im only mange to lb3..will this event rerun again in future?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is going to be the part 2 event.
<< Anonymous
Azrael Reply
Will this event rerun in 2021 again you think?
<< Anonymous(Azrael)
Anonymous Reply
Probably november at the earliest, they just announced jp going to rerun wol, probably not going to rerun during october because halloween

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