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War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius MR (as known as SSR on the JP server) unit list, MR unit tier list, WotVFFBE.
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update 18/04/2022

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Unit List
UR Tier List /UR ListMR Units & MR Tier List
SR UnitsR・N Units

MR (SSR) Tier List

A+: Strong/Useful in general.
A: Standard. Good in mono teams.
B: Situational
C: Outdated

Notice: This tier list takes their EX 120 abilities into consideration, and units are not sorted from best to worst.

Missing units, wrong ratings, or any input can be given in the comments.


Macleod Ranell Sirel Sylma Fina Chel Shadowlynx Adelard Rairyuu Nasha Mariale Mont Leonis Livialle Yshtola


Tyytas Salire Helena Leonis Ramada Khury Wezette Schuzelt Raviesse Lorenzo Loreila Ellshra Creysse


Ahlim Grace Owe Margritte Meriluke Dario Hourne Seymore Cadia Vistralle Etre Dorando Tyrrell Lilyth


Gaffgarion Mustadio

Why the Unit Icons Show SSR Instead of MR?

On the JP server, SSR is used intead of MR. That's the reason and sorry for this inconvenience.

MR Units

Unit List

Unit List
UR Tier List /UR ListSSR TIer List /SSR List
SR UnitsR・N Units


Hot New Top
Just got game and I wanted to make list of who to actually spend items on to level up. Is a B rating for UR better than S rating for MR? How do I compare those?
<< Anonymous(Jason)
Anonymous Reply
don't bother with B ranks, they are usually outshined by other units unless they have a true master reward that's worth the trouble which is almost never the case (except for Nasha's sword for tanks, I think). Hell some SR can be better than some UR such Murmur being way better than Marcherie.
Why/How is Fina better than Kadir?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
You guys gave completely awful and facepalming answers about Kadir/Cadia. Resident Evil nurse? Dude get ur eyes checked, she looks nothing like that (she actually has a good character design). Nothing much? Seem like you didn't give her a fair look at what she can do.

Having the ability to buff elemental resistance and heal (from her 3rd class) has its uses as a good candidate for anybody's team.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
still no one use her, having buff with Bad AI is stupid,especially arena. her heal still lose from Fina, she didnt have a good dmg potential like fina. pve? meh. hard content? maybe.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
🔥 she’s trash anyway
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Squirrel lord Reply
Cadia was cursed with being a Main Job Cleric which means her base skills are very underwhelming as well as using maces and while she can white mage she doesn't get most of the really good spells a dedicated healer needs. She can Spell Blade but has low health which makes her a bad tank.
Mustadio C Tier or...?
<< Anonymous(Ed)
Anonymous Reply
S tier
I've just installed WOTV and only had 1-2 days before FFT event ended. Is it still worth to train Gaff & Orleandeu? Is it still possible to get their shards?
<< Anonymous(Hizaki)
Anonymous Reply
No problem. Try and focus on one unit per element for now. Resources are tight especially rainbow shards and phantom spheres.

Short term LB2 Orleandue is good. Long term you want max LB for level 99. The good stuff will require higher levels like the equipment event we have now.

Tip for shards: avoid summon, refresh from shop + refresh multiple times a day
<< Anonymous
Hizaki Reply
Thanks man. Damn, even Yshtola shards are gone. I wasted resources awakening her 3 times not knowing she's also a limited event character because I don't have Mediena.... Aaarggghh
<< Anonymous(Hizaki)
Anonymous Reply
in a case like those just put on hold, for gumi games they always bring exclusive stuff back at some point ... i started the game in the middle of the fft event and ended with cid half-way to cid LB5 and gaff maxed , it will help me to gather resources for later banners but i didnt know how LB and awakening worked at first , it took me a deal to discover the whimsy shop to buy shards there
<< Anonymous(Hizaki)
TheDawg Reply
if it makes you feel any better I rolled her but I dont even use her cuz she isn't viable at lvl 70 down
Lilyth is missing from GL MR Tiers.
Join guild: ffX-axis
My friend made a guild and we're trying to find a group of people that research and know what they're doing.
If you want a smart guild where you can get questions answered and share information, join
ffx-axis guild ^_^
<< Anonymous(Join guild: ffX-axis)
Anonymous Reply
🔥 scrub
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Straight faggin'
<< Anonymous(Join guild: ffX-axis)
Dremury Reply
Can I join your guild?
Hey guys! Hope someone here can shed some light!

Currently I'm running a team with: Mediena, Mont, Rairyuu, Machérie and Y'shtola.

I'm thinking about changing Machérie and Rairyuu in order to keep both mages, but am unable to decide if it's worth it.
Possible candidates would be Thancred, Ramada and Shadowlynx, respecting only one of each element since I still cannot afford to Awaken multiple units of the same element!

Much appreciated for any insight you guys can give me!
<< Anonymous(Saggus)
Anonymous Reply
Little late but can recommend u Shadowlynx, she has access to combo-based abilities which will prove useful when raids become available
<< Anonymous(Saggus)
Anonymous Reply
Go for shadowlinx since she moves fast and range skills.
Dario and Salire are actually much higher according to Jpn Tierlist. Salire is actually up there with the best URs in the game, like Mediana. Dario is just a straight up better tank because there are too many Wind units that outright give Mont the D.
Lilyth isn't shown on the Global Tier list???
If MR + UR was made into a single tier list, what would be the rank of the S-tier MR characters? They're S-tier in MR tierlist, but are they trash compared to URs?
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
They aren't trash. Many players on the JP server have cleared high difficulty quests with 2~3 MRs and 1~2 URs.

However, URs have obvisously higher stats than that of MRs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tnx for the info, maybe ill invest my time on mont and ishtola since their shard are quite accessible
<< GameA1
R.L Reply
What is a good MR and SR to recommend? I Have UR Gilgamesh, Engelbert, Mediena, Ziza, Oelde Leonis Federica. What is good mix?
<< Anonymous(R.L)
GameA1 Reply
Frederika, Engelbert, and Ziza (her trust master reward is insanely good) will be good options. Gil and Mediena are both ice types so I recommend you to pick 1 from them for the early stage of the game.
guys i want your to ask your opinion...
currently i have 8UR in my possesion + Mont & Yo🔥ola
there are :

to build a team of five as soon as possible i would priority
sterne (cuz i already LB2 him)
frederica (its on event)
mont (easy max)
yo🔥ola (easy max)
mediana (i hope there will be event where i can buy her shard)

are my decision is good ? or should i replace 2 MR unit with 2 UR? thankyouu

lets befriend at the game guys
Lilyth missing from Global tier list, but on JP at the top of the screen.

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