Selection Quests Guide

Selection Quests Guide. restrictions, elements, earth, light, rewards, shards, camillo, muraga fennes.
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update 09/04/2021
Selection Quest Guide

Selection Quest

Selection Quest Guide

Selection Quest is one of the modes available in the "Farplane". In this mode, players can only challenge the quests using units of MR rarity or lower, and the same element as the quest.

Completing selection quests and missions rewards players with a specific unit, as well as enough shards to fully EX them.

List of Selection Quests

This list uses info from the JP server.


Selection Quest Guide 5

Vistralle Mariale Grace Ellshra Fina Phoebe


Selection Quest Guide 6

Mont Leonis Etre Dorando Livialle Lorenzo Murmur Baelo


Selection Quest Guide 7

Cadia Dario Hourne Helena Leonis Loreila Sosha Mia

Prepare Your Equipments

Selection Quest Guide 3

Since there's no restriction for gear, VC, and Esper, it can really help if you already have a high level setup ready for them, especially since companions aren't allowed to carry you, making it more of a solo effort.


Selection Quest Guide 4

Completing the first quest rewards you with the featured unit. Completing the missions gives you the shards to raise them up, as well as some additional materials.

Selection Quest Guide 5

Additionally, the quests drops some items like fragments that are limited to a certain amount each month.


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Ildyra 35
Me too!
the vc isnt time limited only in jap was
Same with FF4. I want my Rosa EX :).
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